New to wind and wave sports? We have put together a collection of videos to help you with some of the basic concepts of the water sports we instruct.

Kitesurfing Information

Wind Window Basics for Kiting
How to setup and fly a trainer kite – with Real Kiteboarding
Setup of an inflatable kite, launching/landing and self rescue

Foiling Information

FOILING – Basic setup with Kai Lenny
How to foil behind a boat

Wing Surfing Information

Wing – Setup
Wing Foiling – Basics of how to handle the wing
Wing Surfing – How to get riding
Tech Tips for beginner Wing Surfers

SUP in Waves

Catching your first waves on a SUP
Basics for your first SUP foiling session

Wing Foiling Gear

Boards for Wing Foiling
Wing/Masts for Wing Foiling