Project Description

The Sport Spreading like Wildfire

Wing Foiling

We have been foiling since 2013. This past summer we wing foiled the 50km from Kingsville to Pelee Island, and then back to Leamington for the Lake Erie Challenge. From Beginner to Advance Instruction, we have you you covered. We have tried all styles of foils and boards on the market and have spent the past 3 years figuring out the best setup. We will set you out on the right path in your wing foiling journey.

  • Yamaha AR192 (19 ft jet boat) for all water lessons to ensure the safest possible water experience.

  • We utilize top of the line gear from Ocean Rodeo, AK Durable Supply Co. and Axis, ensuring the the best learning experience possible.

  • If requested to support your comfort in the water we have BB Talkin (Bluetooth waterproof 2 way communication helmets) to enable easy instructor-student.

2021 Highlights – Wing Foiling

Beginner – Intro to Wing Foiling

Advanced – Wing Foiling

Hybrid – First Try : Wake-Wing Foiling

Intro - Wake or Foil

$850045 minutes
  • Foil and Wake setup explained
  • Water start techniques
  • 25 mins of instruction / 20 mins of riding

Water Practice

$650030 min blocks
  • Dedicated time behind the boat
  • Personalized to your level
  • Gear rental included

Wing / Kite Foiling

  • Boat Support
  • Max 2-1 student/instructor ratio
  • Gear rental included