Project Description

Explore the SW’s Best Riding Locations

Local Spots

We have all wind directions covered

Never further than a 1 hour drive to a spot that works on the given wind direction and the type of condition you are looking for.

Flat Water, Waves, Slicks, Foiling – There is a spot for that
  • Lake St.Clair – Belle River, Mitchell’s Bay

  • Lake Erie – Kingsville, Leamington, Wheatley, Erieau

  • Lake Huron – Kettle Point, Ipperwash Beach (1.5hr drive)

Our Instruction Locations

Ikitesurf Current Conditions

Helpful Visitor Info

  • North Winds: Belle River go there only before 11 am or after 5pm, the wind dies ALWAYS in the afternoon!
  • South Winds: Metro is a thermal wind! doesn’t pick up till after 1pm!
  • Lake Erie: East winds rock at Cedar beach 10-15 or more E or SE forecast alway turns out windier and is ALMOST always kitable!
  • Lake Erie: Stupid cold water in the spring, wind doesn’t pick up till 4-5 pm!!! Metro is always windier on S and SW winds! Beware if air is 15F or more degrees warmer than air temp.
  • Lake Erie: Thermals in June – August (water 55-70F) 12 – 4 pm every day when the forecast is a light W or NW wind. Very localized wind 16m conditions, only picked up by iKitesurf Kingsville sensor (great for foils as the wind is very steady).
  • Belle River: When light N or NE winds forecast (5-15kts) 50% of the time an hour 1-2 hours before dark the wind kicks up to 15-20 kts!
  • Lake Erie: Storm and frontal SW winds always best before noon at Cedar and Seacliff beach. Stormy SW’s are always good on Lake Erie.
  • Mitchell’s Bay: best spot for S winds. Funnels into bay after 2pm creating localized stronger winds at mouth of bay near islands and boat channel. Try to get upwind as wind is usually lighter closer to the marina.