Project Description

Foiling with kite / wing / wake / surf / SUP


Low / Medium / High Aspect?

Have questions about what foil would be best suited to your needs? We foil with kite, wing, wake and SUP and can head up in the right direction.

Our Gear Suggestions

With foiling being only a few years old, the gear is rapidly evolving and we are constantly bring in the latest gear to test and have a large amount of gear for demo and sale. In 2022 we are planning several demo events, more info TBA spring 2022.

Start with lower aspect foil on a short to medium sized mast (30-60cm).

The size of your front wing will depend on your sport. Largest for Wingfoil, smallest for kitefoil.

  • Wing of Choice – Ocean Rodeo HL Glide 5m

  • Board of Choice – AK Durable Goods – 90L Phazer

  • Foil of Choice – AXIS 920 HPS – 400 rear – ultra short fuselage – 82cm Mast

School Gear

Use School Gear

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